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Audio Post

Mixing console in Studio A

Sound For Film

Pricetone offers a professional audio mixing and mastering service that specializes in providing high-quality sound production for a variety of media applications. Our mixing process is one of a kind, and we are proud to announce that we now offer mixing in Atmos, a revolutionary new audio format that provides immersive and realistic sound experiences.


Our mixing process is unique in the industry because it combines cutting-edge technology with the expertise of our experienced audio engineers. We use state-of-the-art equipment and software to create a fully immersive soundstage, where every element of your audio recording is perfectly balanced and blended together. Our team pays close attention to every detail, ensuring that your audio recording sounds as natural and authentic as possible.


Our dedicated team has undergone extensive training to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality Atmos mixing service to our clients. We use the latest software and hardware tools to create a sound environment that is second to none. Whether you are producing music, film, TV, or any other type of media, our Atmos mixing service can help take your audio production to the next level.

ADR / Voice Over

ADR recording is a complex and delicate process that requires a high level of technical expertise and attention to detail. Even with the best equipment and talent, it can be challenging to get it right every time. This is why we provide such a comfortable and professional environment for actors to perform. Recording ADR at Pricetone Studios has several advantages that make it an excellent choice for achieving high-quality results. Pricetone Studios has a comfortable and spacious recording environment that allows actors to perform their lines with ease, ensuring a consistent and authentic performance. Finally, Pricetone Studios has a reputation for delivering high-quality ADR recordings that are seamlessly integrated into the final mix, making it the preferred choice for many producers and directors in the entertainment industry.


Sound Design

Sound design is one of our favorite processes in audio post-production, and we take each project with great care. We believe that sound design is an integral part of the storytelling process, and we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and create a sonic landscape that enhances their story. Our team of experienced sound designers uses a combination of original sound recordings, foley, and sound effects to create a unique and immersive experience for the audience. We pay attention to the smallest details in each project, from the sound of footsteps to the ambiance of a room, to create a believable and compelling sonic world. We understand that every project is different, and we take the time to customize our approach to fit the specific needs and goals of each client. Overall, we take pride in our sound design services and are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed our client's expectations.

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